Registration Pegawai Vulnerability Upload

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# Exploit Title: Registration Pegawai Vulnerability Upload
# Google Dork:
intext:”Registrasi Pegawai” ext:php
inurl:registrasi.php intext:”Registrasi Pegawai”
# Exploit: /registrasi.php
# Date: 07/02/2018
# Author: Gord1
# Team: Our Struggle Team
# Tested on: Kali linux – Android 5.1.1

Proof of Concept :
[+] Search the dork in Google
[+] Open target
[+] Registration and upload your shell in profil picture.
[+] Login with your NIP and Password
[+] Call your shell in profile picture
[+] You shell usually in directory /images_peg/
[+] Use your brain its easy :c
[+] Done

Greetz my friend : xfc0re – S3ctor Cr3w

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